Motivation Conference in Cologne, Germany

Sports University of Cologne, September, 4-5 2009

The World Society of Motivation Scientists and Professionals, a nonprofit organization, will hold its first annual meeting and conference on September 4-5 2009 at the Sports University of Cologne.

Presentations are scheduled on recent applications of motivation theory for business, sports, wellness, counseling, and disabilities (including autism). Both German and English language presentations have been scheduled; all slides will be in both languages.

The business presentations are focused on various topics including leadership and selling. The sports and wellness presentations are focused on world championship level athletic consultation and large population wellness programs. The counseling session is focused on executive coaching, academic motivation, romantic relationships, and hospice counseling. The disabilities presentations are focused on autism, intellectual disabilities, and anxiety.

The Society’s first membership meeting will be held at the conference on the afternoon of September 4. The conference registration fee is € z00 ($250) and include 1-year membership in the Society.

Business consultants, coaches, psychologists, psychiatrists, educators, HR experts, corporate managers, disabilities experts and leaders should attend, as well as anyone interested in the new practical applications of motivations science.

A second conference will be held in September, 2010 in Chicago and a third September 2011 in Vienna, Austria . Members interested in presenting at the Chicago conference should send an English-language abstract and statement of personal qualifications to Professor Steven Reiss no later than December 1, 2009 .

Presentations should be focused on practical activities — including business, sports, psychology, and medicine — or on research relating motivation to the Big 5, normal versus abnormal personality, or psychopathology.

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Peter Boltersdorf is interim Society President and Professor Steven Reiss is the Society Executive Director.